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Parental Involvement and Childrens Education

This paper looks at the ethical issues related to research work on the lack of parental involvement and its effects on the education of their children. A social research project on this topic involves a wide range of skills and activities. It requires the ability to work well with people of a wide variety, not to mention having a good understanding of the specific methods and techniques of conducting research. The researcher must understand the subject matter under study to properly craft an appropriate hypothesis and design methods to investigate it.
Once the experiments are conducted and the results are out, the researcher has to publish the findings to contribute to the body of knowledge. This is one main reason why ethical issues need to be considered; for the research findings to be considered a genuine contribution to science, it has to be objectively arrived at, using methods that are objective. A researcher cannot manipulate tests to prove his/her hypothesis; neither can they publish false results. This demands the highest behavioral standards of ethics, which concerns the doing what is right and avoiding doing harm to others.
Ethical considerations influence the research design because, by definition, conducting a research study scientifically may require the researcher to do things s/he d ...
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Social research is both theoretical and empirical. It is theoretical because it is concerned with developing, exploring, or testing theories or ideas that social researchers have about how the world operates, for example, the effects of parental involvement on children's education…
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