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Humanistic Psychology

She is profile who can be counted upon and can rise to the occasion to help the team in crisis.
The humanistic approach with its spotlight on the human ability for integrity, resourcefulness and autonomy and its scrutiny of individuals as a sacred, cogent, decisive and sovereign beings did not come up within the sixties, there had been early on precursors of this discipline of thought. Alfred Adler (1870-1937) was one of the former psychologists to diverge with the Freudian analysis. With time, Maslow initiated to mull over citizens with high control to be most entirely human plus ensued to investigate the finest of human nature, the most intellectual, as well as the most realizing personalities (Monte, 1999, p. 737). Maslow initiated to associate the high control sentiment by way of a self actualizing propensity. The Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is how we a an individual can come to a decision on the motivational strategies that can be useful towards always Andrea in order to be able to make her more productive .Maslow also illustrated eight behaviors that can show the way to self actualization (Maslow in Frager & Fadiman, 1998, p. 450).
5. Verdict, if the above stages would be kept in mind, and then motivational theories be designed they will for sure give in the ability of life alternatives; she will also build up a more precise perception.
7. ...
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Keeping in view the fictional character of: Always Andrea - Her personality type according to 'Six Degrees' is a Careerist and a Lifestyler. Mainly because her personality reflects reliability and loyalty which are traits of an employee looking to get ahead in the corporate ladder…
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