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The Solar System Planets Orbiting other Stars

1 However the origin of our solar system is explained questions still remain unanswered and are the focus of research by scientists around the globe.
Are there other planets outside of our solar system If there are, are they able to sustain life What techniques have been employed to study these planets and other heavenly bodies when they are light years away from us These are just a few of the crucial questions that scientists try to answer since Galileo Galile' invented the telescope in the early 1600s.
How does one differentiate a planet from an asteroid or from any other celestial body In an article by Samanth ...
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Issues on the origin of the solar system have long been debated, and perhaps will stay with us as long as we live. In search for a valid explanation for such phenomenon, scientists have formulated theories to support their speculations. Among these theories are as follows: 1) the nebular theory, which ascertains that hydrogen and other gases swirled around and condensed into our sun and its planets (or our solar system); 2) the fission theory, which asserts that the sun broke out and planets and moons shot out at high speeds and went to their respective places, then stopped, and started orbiting the sun, as the moons began orbiting the planets; 3) the capture theory, which claims that planets…
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