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Philosophy Bachelor

Nehamas does not take this meaning of the phrase into consideration as he instead focuses on how "to be beyond good and evil is to combine all of one's features and qualities, whatever their traditional moral value, into a controlled and coherent whole."
One of Nietzsche's precursors in this matter is Machiavelli, who many people found disturbing because his political writings, such as The Prince, concentrated on how things are instead of developing an ideal society that sounds good on paper but could never really exist. Nietzsche also concentrated on how things were instead of on how things should be. Under such a system it becomes important to realize how meaningless certain ideas are, such as morality and immorality. Nehamas states that "To show that something is immoral, even if that is morality itself, is therefore not at all to show that it must be rejected." However, it would be meaningless to reject either morality or immorality if they are without meaning. If, as Nehamas states, that morality does not need to be rejected because of immoral means by which to accomplish it, then there really is no point in accepting an idea such as morality. For a term to include its negation, both of the terms lose their meaning. ...
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In the chapter entitled "Beyond Good and Evil," Nehamas discusses Nietzsche's campaign against morality. Nehamas states that "Nietzsche believes that morality, like life itself, is immoral, he also believes that we can only act immorally, whether we like it or not" (Nehamas 1985)…
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