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Internet Impacts the Mental Health of its Users Negatively

Critics admit that the Internet communication has a negative impact on mental health of its users because of impersonal nature of messages and increased time spent by users in front of their PCs (Barnes, 32). Thesis Americans are overly dependent to the Internet because they cannot imagine their life without online communication; without these devices many people become helpless and vulnerable in modern world.
The Internet communication has a negative impact on mental health of users because of online phobias experienced by many users. People constantly need to communicate in order to support goal-directed behavior, problem solving, and decision making. Once again, these personal aims and individual needs are reflected in the questions that the Internet users ask as they complete tasks. On the other hand, the goals and communication needs of a person are central to any device that explains question generation. The introduction of computer-based shopping via the Internet provides manufacturers with a cheap and effective way of reaching their customers directly. As the technical problems are overcome, and the issues about the security of transactions and money transfer are resolved, it seems likely that direct selling from the manufacturer will grow exponentially.
In spite of great benefits andopporuntities proposed by online communication, it ad ...
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At the beginning of the 21st century, technology and the Internet become the main driven forces of modern life. Technology has a great impact on our life and routine activities, family relations and communication patterns. Modern Americans are overly dependent to technology using it in daily routines…
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