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Personal Statement/Application

This experience has encouraged a craving for understanding and interface with people of different cultures, as well as the need for knowing and understanding their differing economies.
My undergraduate study program was interrupted by military service but the three and a half years spent in service provided me with a solid grounding in self discipline and self awareness. This new found inner awareness led to a broader awareness of the needs of others and the necessity of being a team player and building consensus rather than working alone. It was while in service I realized my analytical aptitude, problem solving and organizational skills and my ability to motivate and lead others; these abilities helped me to attain the level of sergeant before finishing my service.
My undergraduate study at Stratford College and Ohio State University stimulated my interest in international business and economics; in particular, Paul Post, a lecturer in my International Banking classes, possessed an obvious passion for the subject. He was an extremely charismatic and credible man, who possessed a contagious positive attitude which served to motivate his students, especially me. ...
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I am a man with an analytical propensity, an interest in management and a belief in myself. Some may say I have been born with a 'silver spoon' and presuppose that my life could be easy by merely stepping into my father's shoes. Yes, I do have the option of taking the easy road offered to me but my desire is to succeed by my own merits and not to simply accept hand-outs or back door entry…
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