Americans Attitude towards Abortion

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This implies that the number of people who support abortion in America have been increasing over the years since 1975 to 2000. As a results of this trend it is expected that the number will continue rising as the years go by.
The chi - square (2) = 0.0021 and p = 0.97.


Therefore, more men do not support the women right to have abortion for whatever reason.
From the graph provided below it can be seen that the higher the level of education the more people support abortion. Its now evident that the attitude towards abortion depends on the level of education.
In a bid to find out whether the level of education affects the peoples' attitude regarding abortion, the null hypothesis may be stated as, the peoples' attitude to abortion depends on the level of education that they have i.e.
The chi-square value of 31.08 is greater than 9.48773 from the chi-square distribution tables corresponding with 4 degrees of freedom and (0.05) confidence interval. The null hypothesis that states that there is a relationship between the level of education and attitude towards abortion is rejected. This implies that the attitude towards abortion depends on other factors but not the level of education.
The horizontal axis shows the increasing status of employment, therefore from the chi test results it is evident that abortion support will depend on employment status, whereby the employed have higher abortion support than the unemployed.
The study is about the attitude toward abortion. The study entails data from 1975 to 2000 for over 2,500 households and this data was retrieved from the General Social Survey. ...
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