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Effective recruitment and selection of employees - Essay Example

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The challenges that the changing workplace poses for professionals in recruitment and selection are serious. If they can be met successfully, I/O psychologists and HR managers can become important players in the strategic management process. After years of being viewed as a minor part of the organizational support system, organizations have reached a point in history when the ability to procure the right personnel and deploy them to the right jobs at the right time is considered critical to organizational success…

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Effective recruitment and selection of employees

1. Starbucks introduce the recruitment and selection based on equal opportunities policies. They include racial and national diversity of the staff, fair treatment of all recruiters in spite of their religion, sexual orientation, social background, marital status, age and disability. The main advantage of Starbucks Coffee HR management is that it does not consider recruitment and selection in isolation, but in the context of the overall manpower plan and personnel management action program. For example, it investigates the potential of the persons appointed for training, development and future promotion; and their flexibility and adaptability to possible new methods, procedures or working conditions. In anticipation of a suitable applicant being selected, Starbucks have also prepared an orientation script and training proposal to assist both with their smooth transition into the role, together with their future development and advancement (Armstrong, 2003).
The first step includes position requirements, needs and skills identification, selection of the tools to be used. During this process, strategic areas of competency are identified. ...
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