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Government of the Peoples Republic of China

An assessment of how majority of the stakeholders (the Chinese living in the countryside) benefit from the economic growth of the PROC is essential to qualify the success of being a world power of the developing country. Therefore, a grasp of the policies is important for policies are statements on how the Chinese leadership grapples issues. Moreover, the timeline of this research is beginning from the crucial years of 1978-1979, the time when Maoist China became Dengist.
The establishment of the PROC in 1949 heralded a victory for the proletariat's struggle. Many in this working class are farmers who were mostly concentrated in rural China. Hence, it is understandable that development of the agriculture sector and the rural areas remains a priority in a largely agricultural country. In the early years of the People's Republic, in which Mao Zedong was the leader, the principle of collective agriculture was the primary basis in settling policy incongruity. "Ideological imperatives ensured that under Mao, the underlying policy dilemma was resolved through the establishment of a collective agriculture" (Ash 2001, p. 91). Utilizing agriculture to gain surplus was an important element to industrialize, indeed,
"the e ...
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The emergence of China, hereinafter referring to the People's Republic of China (PROC), as a world economic power gives birth to many opinions and assumptions. Prominent line of thought is reflected by the notion that "people in China are much better off than they were fifteen years ago…
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