Garden City Concept

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The concept of a garden city is the approach to urban planning. This approach was founded in 1898 by Sir Ebenezer Howard in the United Kingdom. The garden cities are intended to be planned, self-contained, the communities are surrounded by greenbelts, and contains carefully balanced residential areas, industry as well as agriculture.


The city would be self sufficient until it reaches full population. When it reaches full population, another garden city will be developed nearby. (Wikipedia, 2009)
A garden city is made different from others because the concept is planned for its objectives. It is to find the industrial population work for wages of a higher purchasing power and secure a healthier surroundings and regular employment. It is intended to offer a secure a new and better employment for the enterprising, the manufacturers, the cooperatives, the people engaged in the technical field, and to the many who are in various professions. It is a design for the opening of a new market for the talents and goods that are close to their doors. The objective is to raise the standard of health and comfort of the workers of whatever profession they have to offer. This is one way of achieving the natural and economic combination of a town and country life with its own municipality.
An ideal garden city is to be built near the centre of a 6,000 acres land and it will cover about 1,000 acres of it. It may be planned in a circular manner. The radius of which could be a 1,240 yards. There would be 6 beautiful boulevards that is 120 feet wide and will traverse the city from the centre to its circumference dividing the city into 6 equal parts. There will also be 5 circumferential roads. ...
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