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Professionalism in the Medical Field

Medicine is a critical and very important profession as it deals with the lives of people. One mistake and it could end up in the loss of a precious life. Apart from that patient compliance is also very important. People concerned with the medical field must be appropriately dressed and must project a professional image so that the patient is confident that he/she is in capable hands. Some general elements of dress codes include dressing in neat, clean, crisp and pressed suits. Suits should be appropriately fitted and shouldn't be too short (in case of females wearing skirts). Casual wear such as denim/jeans, shorts, cutoffs, caprice etc and not permitted. The dress should not be exposing such as having plunging necklines, backless, strapless, spaghetti straps, sheer etc. Jewelry should be avoided or should be minimal and not too large or heavy. Underwear should not be visible. Full length or knee length stockings or socks must be worn. Shoes should be of appropriate size, fitting, clean and in good repair. Casual wear such as flip flops, bedroom wear is unacceptable. Carrying a cellular phone for the sake of having personal calls is prohibited. Chewing gum is front of patients is not allowed. Nails should be trimmed and short for hygiene purposes. No artificial nail extensions are allowed. ...
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According to American College Dictionary, profession means "a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or science". A professional is a person who pursues or practices a learned profession in order to earn a livelihood. Professionalism is the behavior exhibited by a professional which distinguishes him from an amateur…
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