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Distributed Database

Best customers are those who subscribe to 7day, 52week, EZPay {automatic payment from credit card} subscriptions.
2. Existance in the marketplace and we have touched them. By building "complete" universe of households with extended demographics, and by attaching "touch" or contact histories to individuals, can determine what is working on what types of customers (and what isn't working). We need to build touch history over time. Value increase as more history is accumulated.
3. We build a loyalty model based on a subscriber's payment history. Loyalty can be defined as overall duration as subscriber, number of consecutive payments (with unbroken service), etc. We can then create a profile of a "loyal" subscriber and more effectively identify likely churners vs. likely loyal subscribers.
This is a very important step in the data warehousing project, as the foundation of the data warehousing system is the data model. A good data model will allow the data warehousing system to grow easily, as well as allowing for good performance. ...
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Given that the ActiveWear Traders Clothing Australia has a Headquarters in Brisbane (BRISHQ), and warehouses in both Brisbane (BRISWH) and Melbourne (MELWH) with more than 60 retail stores across the country.
Create the processes that extract data from source systems; cleanse, transform, and match data according to specified business rules; import data into the data warehouse structure; use query, reporting, and mining tools to access the data and address key business questions
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