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Aging in America

Guided by the welfare initiative under the Supreme Court's Olmstead Decision in 1999, and a New Freedom Initiative (NFI) in 2001, all American States are expected are modify their respective long term care (LTC) policies to provide comprehensive health care services dedicated to the needs of older Americans. This framework is expected to reform the following areas to increase well being of older Americans:Using the Systems Change Framework as a guide, this paper examines reform in the State of Oregon and how reform efforts have affected them. In Oregon, LTC services are administered on a local level, so as to increase the number of options available to seniors citizens.About 7% of Oregon's population are less than 5 years old, 25% under 18, and 13% are 65 or older. Women constitute 51% of the population. Of these, most settlers originally came from Europe. Others like Mexican Americans, Hispanics, Asians form a large part. The Asian community forms slightly less than 5% of the population.Program information was obtained through interviews with people over 65 years of age, health care professionals and health service providers about each of the four component areas of the LTC Systems and Change Framework. Interviewees provided details regarding the impact of services across available services, satisfaction with services, and future plans for reforms.Unrelated to governmental policy changes though, a technical experts meeting held during April 2000 had underscored the fact that the issue of older population is currently under-addressed, is poorly understood and widely unrecognized. ...
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Guided by the welfare initiative under the Supreme Court's Olmstead Decision in 1999,and a New Freedom Initiative in 2001,all American States are expected are modify their respective long term care policies to provide comprehensive health care services …
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