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Process Centred Management

Reengineering changes production from a skill specific departmental process to a product centred approach that looks at the end product and the team effort required to create it.
2. The Building Blocks. The organizational structure may need to change or adjust to cross-departmental communications to support the process centred management approach. The change will require organization around outcomes rather than organization by tasks. In some cases customers may be able to complete part of the process thus eliminating a cost of or required personnel (not too popular among staff because it could cause lay-offs). This could take the form of automated ordering processes via the internet verses a call centre based ordering system. The organization must be prepared for flexibility and change and can do this by devising a strategy to support the change while supporting the workforce who will implement the change.
3. Impact on the organization. Change rarely comes easy and change to a process centred management system is no exception. Change impacts production, employees, management, and the organizational structure. Change is most often designed to cut costs and to increase profits.
Employees are the ones that seem to be affected the most by change in management systems. ...
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1. Introduction. Process Centred Management model can be best defined as engineering a work process from the outside in vs. the inside out. Process Centred Management looks at the whole process of production rather than the skills specific or actions specific to production…
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