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Motivational Strategies in Starbucks

These ideas are closely connected with concepts of growth, achievements and satisfaction which help Starbucks to increase productivity and ensure stable market position. Motivational principles are based on equity theory. The theory is based on idea that "people need to feel that there is a fair balance between inputs and outputs" (Equity Theory 2007). The core of the staff works full-time in the organization while next to them or with them are employees on temporary assignments, part-time workers, and people working in joint venture settings. The result may therefore be individuals working together whose allegiances and concerns may involve differences that are highly important to Starbucks. Relationships, views, and expectations among those who are all part of one group-or who view themselves as part of the same company or as "insiders"-are different from the types of relationships and communication patterns that develop among those who view themselves as belonging to different groups. The aim of HR is to motivate both part-time and full-time employees and level possible differences. Equity has a great impact on satisfaction and achievements of employees. ...
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Starbucks Coffee is the leading coffee roaster and retailer company which operates on the American and European markets, and have started its penetration into the Asian market. In general, Starbucks has 5689 shops in around 28 countries. The principal activity of Starbucks is to purchase, roast and market whole bean coffees…
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