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Key Issues in SCM - Essay Example

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In supply chain management, the key issues are the unforeseen risks caused by lack of management strategies, especially in relationship to technology and communication as significant factors that inhibit the supply chain (Atkinson 2004). Kathleen DesMarteau (p 6 2005) recognizes the following key points as being a component of the risks in supply chain management, which function as internal and external risks:

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Key Issues in SCM

(1)Further integration of activities between suppliers and customers across the entire supply chain;(2) on-going changes in supply chain needs and required flexibility from IT; (3) more mass customization of products and services leading to increasing assortments while decreasing cycle times and inventories; (4) the locus of the driver's seat of the entire supply chain and (5) supply chains consisting of several independent enterprises ((Akkermans et al p 284 2003).
There are currently many changes occurring within the jurisdiction of United Arab Emirates, including "Borders Inc. signed a memorandum with United Arab Emirates-based company Al Maya Group to establish that its stores in the U.A.E. and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries will operate under Al Maya," and "Borders is expected to open multiple stores in the U.A.E. ...
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