Managing People Workbased learning, in public service management

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Human resource management is a vital tool of management which enables an organization to reach or attain its goals and objectives. Effective management of employees is important as this helps in increasing the morale and motivation of employees as well as their commitment and loyalty to their organizations.


Different organizations employ different human resource practices all aimed at ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.
West Yorkshire police is one of the public service sectors whereby human resource is applied during the recruitment and selection process. In this public service sector, the recruitment process begins when an individual applies to join this sector. An individual is eligible to apply for a job in this sector if he or she is 18 years and above with no limit being set for application. This sector usually encourages the older people to apply for jobs in this job especially because to the nature of work carried out in this sector. The normal age of retirement for a serving police officer is sixty years. During the application process, no height restrictions are imposed and the abilities of a person who is applying for the job are considered as being vital. The recruitment process is thorough and detailed unlike in most organizations. This is so because the police sector requires people who are committed and royal. The application for job posts in the west Yorkshire police unlike most organizations applies for both external and internal candidates. The application form is usually very detailed and incorrect filling of the form may lead to disqualification. ...
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