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China, America and the Yuan - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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One of the persuasive articles related to international relations has been "China, America and the Yuan: Yuan to stay cool" in which the author deals with the relations between the U.S. and China on the basis of currency. The article offers a compelling illustration of the various nuances in the relationship between the two economic powers of the world, the U.S…

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China, America and the Yuan

A close analysis of the restraint made on Yuan indicates the power-relations between the two countries. "Now things have, unfortunately, gone into reverse. As policymakers in both countries shift from cushioning recession to managing recovery, the rigidity of the Yuan is, once again, becoming a source of tension-one that a still-fragile global recovery can ill afford." (China, America and the Yuan: Yuan to stay cool) The article makes a profound exploration of the relationship between the two nations based on their economic views and the reader gets a convincing picture of the attitudes of each nation towards the other. Thus, the article maintains that the U.S. attitude to China has hardened in the recent times and it is greatly determined to push its exports. To the U.S., China has become a currency "manipulator" and there is an important appeal of China-bashing in the U.S. Congress. In turn, China is not committed to the budging on the Yuan, although there is surprisingly strong export growth and higher-than-expected inflation in the country's economy. ...
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