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Nursing intervention

In this regard, the complaints of the patient must be meticulously explored through obtaining a complete ophthalmic history, careful assessment of the patient's eyes and performing a relevant diagnostic procedure like the slit-lamp examination.
As regarded above, obtaining a complete ophthalmic history, careful assessment of the patient's eyes and performing a relevant diagnostic procedure like the slit-lamp examination are essential aspects in making a sound judgment on the patient's case.
According to Vader & Krouse (2001), an ophthalmic history encompasses the obtainment and utilization of the client's demographic data, current clinical manifestations, past health history or past medical history (PMH), psychosocial history and lifestyle, and family health history. These facts are deemed vital and important because they can certainly assist the health providers to have an accurate evaluation and understanding about the patient's condition.
Demographic data, particularly the age and s ...
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The scenario involves a patient who was complaining of gradual loss of vision in both eyes. The patient also complained of glare from head light when driving. As observed, the patient was also wearing glasses.
As a student nurse in ophthalmology, under the so-called objective structured clinical examination, I feel that there is a need to explore the patient's complaints in order to assist the physician to come up with an accurate diagnosis pertaining to the patient's problem and eventually to carry out doctor's orders as well as to implement client-centered nursing interventions.
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