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Personal Statement example - American Struggle for Independence

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High school
Personal Statement
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It has been chronicled all over the world about the American struggle for independence for it has served as a prime example of democracy and proper representation. Other countries have analyze its glory and desire to match it. Ethnic groups lacking a central and prime ethnic adobe (e.g…

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The American Revolution was the first of its kind, and it stimulated an effect on the world since then. Philadelphia, one of the nation's first capitol, bears American revolutionary landmarks inasmuch as it is were a lot of colonial meetings the engendered the Continental Congress took place. Last week, I ventured into exploring the Constitution Center to recapture the ambience of the struggles and the inception of our new nation.
First of all, all of the relics at Constitution Center were preserved to keep its luster of its time. I was excited to see the revolutionary cannon, and I appreciated how much our weapons have evolved from then. The area evoked an ambience of the original colonies; the colonial apparel ushered in that atmosphere. I loved the arsenal area and enjoyed the history of guns and their development.
I grew in admiration of the First Lady's gallery. I never perceived women would be given credit in their involvement of helping the nation given the well documented past of social parameters placed against women. This was especially depicted in this gallery. This area taught me growth of the roles of the First Lady in politics. Also, I admired the earlier first lady sense of style. One person explained the cultural struggles of women in terms of garment. ...
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