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compare what it book says and what textbook says. Ten words from textbook

At the beginning of the book, Corrie describes the old and strangely built Dutch house, which was the house of her birth because this was to go on to, being the main setting of the book. Inside this house is a secret room where political prisoners and Jews who were getting away from the Nazis were hid. We see from the very beginning of the book that the Ten Booms were essentially very kindhearted people who went out of their way to help the poor and bonded well amongst themselves. Corrie's siblings are portrayed as people she found her best friends in and her aunts as grownups she looked up to. Taking in people to provide refuge started when one Jewish woman ended up at the Ten Booms' doorstep and asked for protection following her husband's arrest by the Nazis. This gave a start to the hiding place for the Jews.
However, the story is not a bed of flowers as Corrie and her family soon had to face the Nazi Invasion of Holland, their country of residence. The Ten Booms became an essential part of the Resistance Movement and provided shelter for people fleeing the Nazi forces in a hidden room should the house ever be raided. The book talks about how they did practice runs everyday in case their house was ever raided.
During the time all this was happening, Corrie sometimes had serious doubts about whether what she was do ...
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The eventual "Hiding Place" is inside God. Such a short and simple statement, which contains great influence. This simple fact was exquisitely discovered during the Holocaust for Corrie Ten Boom and her family, and in this book "HIDING PLACE"; she shares what had occurred with her and her family…
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