Political news: Civil war in Iraq Big Threat to Mideast

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The news article opened with the threats, a bleak war scenario that might happen to be triggered by the current civil war in Iraq. It was likened to an earthquake that could cause a tragic epic of ethnic cleansing between Sunni and Shiite Moslems.
It also presented the view of United Nations envoy for Lebanon who stressed that the civil war would "deepen existing cleavages and create new cleavages in a part of the world that is already extremely fragile and extremely dangerous."


It also noted how long the impending ethnic war in Iraq could escalate and the damages it could bring between Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait, against Shiite Iran and Iraq, painting a Middle East crisis bringing in anew the Shiite-Sunni divide that started as early as the eighth century.
The difference with the recent threat is Iran's suspected nuclear arsenal with an imposing immediate threat to Saudi Arabia. Iran's harnessing of relations with Syria and the Shiite movement Hezbollah in Lebanon was also an indication that positioning is taking place.
Optimist views, nevertheless were presented in the light of Iran's denunciation of the bombing of the Shiite shrine in Samarra. But then, Zionists, or Israelis were dragged. Speculations already abound as to the strategies and motivations that could take place within the areas of the conflicting ethnic groups. It was also opined that "leaders who do not want war is not enough" as the report quoted, while Zalmay Khlaizad, the US ambassador to Iraq said, "I do not believe that we are heading that way. ...
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