Ethics - Strength and weaknesses

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Ethics is an umbrella of many theories among them is the virtue of ethics and theory of obligation. As such, virtue ethics entails models such character and moral philosophy. Whereas theories of obligation encompasses rights and morals that is what an individual can do for instance humanitarian assistance is elemental moral liaison based on the theory of obligation of the haves helping out the have-nots,(Regina et al.2008:319-1016)


The theory of moral obligation emphasizes on the significance of understanding and comparing dialogues associated with morals and rights. That is to say what actions are obligatory and what are the morally right attitudes
The moral fiber behaviors in virtue of ethics are constant, predetermined and dependable. Hence, an individual that posse the virtue of kindness has to operate kindheartedly in all types of situation, to all individuals and for a long time regardless of the intricacies involved, whereas in the obligation theory disputes the irrelevancy of asserting and defending one-dimensional division of relativity versus entire moral essentials. For instance helping others depends on the real world experiences where moral and right materialize, (Regina et al.2008:319-1016)
The ethical virtue believes in the individual ethical behaviors development is a long term occurrence encouraged by the influence of friends, teachers, and role models, revelations to diverse situations or parents. This is so because different individuals are born with all kinds of propensities which are either positive such calm and affable or negative attitudes like envious and irritable. ...
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