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Essay example - Political Science: Scope and Methods

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines science as the knowledge or practice acquired systematically. This is the broadest possible definition. However, and not only for the purpose of this essay, the science should first of all be understood as the systemic process of acquiring knowledge, primarily through the process, or better to say a method, of trials-and-errors, that can be understood as the postmodern procedural attachment, to the overall conception of science, stressing the importance of this scientific atribute as the only way how to acquire the real and true knowledge.

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Similarly G. Catlin also supported this criticism in his work Science and Method of Politics and the key assumption that power is the core and dominante subject that political science should focus on. Catlin also called for the strict freedom from values, originally M.Webers postulate, which played a significant role in formation of empirical theory of political power and behavior. It is little known that UNESCO influenced the development of political science as a science as well by its patronage over the establishment of IPSA (International Political Science Association) and the first international kongress on political science in Paris 1950. It was on this kongress where the basic scope of political science was defined and declared (Easton and Gunnel 155). The main scope of political science defined by these core areas of interest:
Today the scope of political sciences has become much more complex, broader and deeper over the decades. The present (political) science and the society is experiencing the era of qualitative and structural shifts. ...
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