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Essay example - Educational Research

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There is controversy in the wings. That controversy revolves around the methods used to do evaluation in educational research. There are several research styles being used at the present time. This paper will attempt to discuss and describe some of the types of research used and the positive and negative points about them…

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The attempt will be made through discussion to determine whether the approach used was positivist, interpretive or constructivist or a combination thereof. The articles will also be compared as to the qualitative and quantitative methods and whether they are empirical or non-empirical in method. Ethics will be touched on as a necessary part of any research that is done today.
To begin, let us discuss the different methods presently available for use in designing and carrying out research such as that noted above. In any research there is a method used and though we would often think that the scientific method would always be used, that may not be true. The method of study is usually determined prior to the study being done. Will the study be empirical or non-empiracal Will it be Quantitative or Qualitative What about positivist or interpretivist or maybe constructivist Sometimes the study itself will determine the method to be used. Sometimes there is a particular method or paradigm particularly appreciated by the researcher.
Interpretivist research is oftentimes seen as descriptive or summarizing in method. This type of research obtains its data indirectly through other than direct research methods. ...
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