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Mesopotamia Creation Stories

This is because a text's genre serves to channel writers and readers by providing a common ground to determine the production and interpretation of specific texts. Biblical and Mesopotamian creation stories are linguistically, culturally, and historically very different from modern day ways of thinking, experiencing and interpreting the world. So as to correctly as possible interpret the writings of Genesis it is necessary to school oneself in other Near Eastern creation stories.
The present paper will compare and contrast Mesopotamian creation stories with that of the Bible. Firstly, the creation story, "Epic of Creation" will be used to develop the Mesopotamian interpretation of how the cosmos and humankind came to be. Secondly, the Biblical interpretation of creation of this universe and humans will be presented. Next, issues of translation will be addressed. Finally, a conclusion shall synthesize the main arguments of the paper, and demonstrate the critical need for comparative analysis of creation stories in the Near East.
The Mesopotamian myth of creation is quite violent, especially with regard to later civilizations, such as Egypt, and the later Biblical Creation Story. ...
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All human societies have creation stories to describe how the cosmos began, and how humankind came to be and our purpose in this universe. Mesopotamian and Biblical stories of creation have been compared to determine elements of similarity and difference to determine what is unique to each culture in terms of theological and cosmological interpretations…
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