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Develop Work Prop

A person not having a title/ post of manager is also supposed to manage the things. If someone thinks that only 'manager' has to manage that means either he is running away from responsibility or he is not skilled enough to manage.
Jacinta is good in scheduling technique so, instead of, discouraging and suppressing her ability, Jose must try to make good use of her scheduling expertise. This will have a positive impact on the outcome of Jose's section, which in turn will enhance the reputation of Jose - the Manager.
It is important that customer's are kept in good humor by being in regulat touch with them and updating them about the latest on their orders. Customers, if taken in confidence, do take the occasional delays in their stride.
Delegation of power to suitable and capable subordinates is very crucial for smooth functioning of any organization. Reassigning the responsibilities in such a manner that if someone is not in a position to come to office for couple of days then there must be a stop gap arrangement who can take over the responsibility and the overall functioning doesn't come to a halt. For example Jose himself is feeling overburdened already therefore he must stop insisting that all communication about the installation was routed through him.
1. Jose has to realize that he is a 'Manager'. And a manager is responsible for making 'things happen'. ...
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1. Jose requires a change in his attitude towards himself, the job and his colleagues. At the moment Jose appears to thoroughly demoralized and lacking in confidence. He has to go for training to gain some confidence.
A good leader owns responsibility for failures while distributing the credits for success…
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