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Everyone is rushing to the Internet. Consumers spend hours "surfing" the Net each day. The Internet has become the "research tool" 'f choice for many people. Information on any subject can be found on the Internet. Have a cold' Search the Net for a remedy.


Once you've chosen a doctor, you may even be able to make an appointment over the Internet. The Internet has given consumers the ability to secure much 'f what they need for work, recreation, education, etc. from the comfort 'f their homes.
This instant connectivity has not been lost on business. As quickly as consumers are buying personal computers and accessing the Internet through modems or cable boxes, businesses are building and implementing web sites on the Internet, sensing the great potential in sales, advertising, and customer service. For some businesses, using the Internet is not just an extension 'f their normal business, it is a matter 'f survival. Without a web site, many businesses would not able to compete within their marketplace. Hence, most businesses will have a web site in the near future.
However, in the frenzy to secure a "presence" on the Net, many businesses have not properly evaluated the risks they face when expanding activities to the Internet. Some businesses simply have not considered whether this new sales and advertising "tool" creates new exposures for them. Others have regarded their activity on the Internet to be merely an extension 'f their normal functions, creating no new risks for them. Unfortunately, this mindset could lead to major uncovered losses for businesses.
Somewhat in the same manner, insurance professionals have not thoroughly examined the exposures created b ...
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