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Essay example - Natural and Common Logs

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A common logarithm, or the decadic logarithm, on the other hand, is a logarithm with base 10. It is denoted by log x or lg x, such that; if log x = y, then x = 10y. The graph for y = lg x is as follows:
Logarithms have been of great use in scientific calculations since the early days, especially before the advent of the modern calculator…

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This problem was solved in 1594 by a Mathematician from Scotland, known as John Napier, who introduced a set of logarithmic numbers. (Nagel, 2002, 2006) Today, they are used in modern scientific methods as well, such as calculations for computer science applications and algorithms. Finding out the efficiency of a certain algorithm, the time it takes to solve particular instructions etc. other than that, for many years, logarithms have been used in physics, chemistry, biology in calculating statistical data and values. Logarithms are used in graphical representation of the collected data and can also be used to forecast a trend based on the given data. In the field of engineering, exponentials can give you a hard time determining correlations between events and factors. In such cases, a logarithm can make the problematic function linear and provide a pretty accurate approximation. This makes solving it easy. The graphical representations of logarithmic functions can be much easier to analyze than complex ones and give a better understanding. An example would be of biology, in which the growth of an enzyme is being monitored. Suppose the function provided is:
Converting a logarithmic function into an exponential function can be done in a simple way. A logarithmic function is the reflection of an exponential function in the line y = x. ...
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