Quality Management of Clothing In the Globalized Context

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Globalization has resulted in the flow of a flood of products in the market and quality has become imperative in staying in business. However, the striving for uncompromising quality is a cultural aspect. The factors that motivate industries to develop the culture of stringent quality, if understood accurately, would result in a structured approach with in the industry to move towards a culture of quality maintenance at all levels (Adebanjo and Kehoe1998).


Though measures like Total Quality Management (TQM) are vigorously undertaken by textile manufactures, half way through the implementation level the programs often run out of steam. Dean and Evans (1994) feel that this problem can be remedied by the development of appropriate culture of quality with in the entire edifice of the organization.
Attempts at improving quality in the textile sector have not yielded desired results in the past. Academic research in this area has shown that the failure is largely due to the attempt at improving quality targeting only on the operational level of the industry. Present day research shows that quality management to be effective in real time practice has to be integrated in the organization's strategy. Beckford (1998) complains that the traditional remedial attempts were aimed at the operational level. . He pointed out that operational constrains eventually lead to compromise in quality. A three fold strategy (derived from Joseph Juran) will influence the organization across the board is put forward by him (Beckford 1998.P.107)
Though quality is cardinal in clothing industry for achieving success, it is not any more po ...
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