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Medgars Evers: In Memoriam

A native Mississippian, Evers spent the majority of his life there, the only exception being his tour of duty during World War II. But who doesn't have someone in the family that has served their country, if they haven't done so themselves Evers returned and graduated from Alcorn College, attending through the G.I. Bill just as many American veterans have done. Following this, he studied law at the University of Mississippi, and while this might not be such a lofty calling as some, say, journalism for instance, it is a noble profession practiced by many across America. Evers was a family man, happily married, and active in his community. Based on this, Evers could have been anyone you meet through the course of the day; he even sounds a bit like myself. I hear he once had a job as a door to door insurance salesman and how many of those have we all talked to in our lives But there is one significant difference about Medgar Evers. This average man person American was black. He was black in the South. Not only was he black but he headed the local chapter of the NAACP. And, last week, he came home from a meeting at church, pulled into his driveway, got out of his car, and was cowardly shot in the back in front of his wife and children.
In almost every respect, Evers was exactly like every other citizen in ...
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It was close to a hundred years ago that our great nation was finally able to shake free of the last vestiges of slavery. Or so it would seem. But despite the emancipation of the enslaved American Negro, it is to our great shame as a country that racism has continued its reign of oppression, without any action taken until the last few decades…
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