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Marketing E-Business

The e-businesses should adopt a differentiating strategy. They should differentiate the services that they offer and create a whole new experience that they should offer to the end users of their product. As the new technology emerges, the e-businesses need to catch up with the technology and they also need to innovate and focus on their customers.
The e-businesses need to keep their core focus as their customers. They need to offer value-added services to the customers that no other portal or B2C business is offering. In providing the consumers with these value added services, the e-businesses should also consider the fact that these value-added services are also agreed upon by the sponsors. The e-businesses need sponsors as well to support them which, again is an important factor to consider for the e-businesses.
Thus, in short, what the e-businesses need to focus on is creating their own brands, focusing on the customers needs, providing them with a total new experience not offered by others, providing value added services and also taking along the sponsors agreement.
Google's strategy of brokering of media types is a unique strategy that no other competitors of Google have adopted up till yet. This strategy is inline to what Google actually need to define its brand in the way. ...
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According to the Brand Strategy (2006) article, the e-businesses should start differentiating the services they offer and they need to follow the branding strategy. As the product life cycle of the e-businesses has begun to reach its maturity stage, there is a decline expected in the sales of these products in the future…
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