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The Origin Of Negro Slavery

In this the east went to Portugal and the west to Spain.
After this partition, England responded by Cabot's voyage to North America in 1497. Francis 1 of France celebrated this partition. Denmark and East Indies opposed the pope's decision. Even Sir William Cecil the Elizabethan statesman denied the pope's ruling. England, France, and even Holland began to challenge the Iberian Axis and claimed their place in the sun.
Adam Smith says that the British colonial possessions were of two types. First the self sufficient and diversified economy of small farmers which included the Northern colonies of the American mainland and second type were that colony which could produce on large scale for an export market which included the tobacco colonies and sugar islands of the Caribbean.
Caribbean colonies had no choice but to adopt slavery as it was coming on from the Georgian history. Adam Smith later propagates that slavery was also due to pride and love of power that the master had through slavery. It was also known that to hire free labor was more profitable as Slave labor was given reluctantly, it was unskillful, it lacked versatility. But slavery at that time was not chosen out of choice but there was no other choice besides it. Therefore Slavery was necessary, and to get slaves the Europeans turned first to the [Caribindian] aborigines and then to Africa.
In Caribbean colonies where sugar and t ...
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Abstract: This article is based on the origin of Negro slavery. It revolves around how the slavery started in the Caribbean and what were the factors that led to the popularity of Negro slavery rather than the white slavery. Where slavery was more beneficial than the free labor is all discussed in the following journal.
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