In the Midst of the War against Terrorism

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Mysterious and uncertain aptly describes the latter part of the twentieth century. This uncertainty continues to manifest itself in the twenty first century. The world is in the era of political interdependency, economic rivalry and even age old conflict. It immersed man into a period of change, since world events continuously shift directions and undergo revisions.


The discussion of the current war against terrorism can be fully comprehended by taking into consideration world events which directly or indirectly affected it. Most of these events are communicated to the public via representation in the media. Media played an increasingly significant role in being able to move images and sounds across cultural and geographical borders (Lecture5: September 11 as Event and Representation, p.9). This essay will analyze how the current war against terrorism affects the Arab and Muslim population. And in doing so, media representations will likewise be of help in analyzing the aforementioned situations. Similarly, it will be analyzed in the light of postmodernism or post structuralism.
The post World War II era, ushers the rise of two world super powers, the USA and the USSR and this accounts for what is now known as the Cold War. The Cold war was a battle of ideologies as well as a battle between two different political and economic orders, (Lecture5: September 11 as Event and Representation, p. 1) capitalism versus communism. It likewise engages in the control over geographical territories as well as political and economic influence over different nation-states. It became a contest between the two super powers. ...
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