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Essay example - Millenium Development Goals

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The war against poverty is global-scale in nature, involving 190 countries, including the Philippines, all signatories to the UN Millennium Declaration adopted during the Millennium Summit in September 2000. Specific targets in eliminating extreme poverty and the worst forms of human deprivation were identified, all set within 2015…

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Although poverty eradication has emerged as the top priority of the Philippine government since the 1980s, factors such as the rising population, and the slumping economy amidst political struggles in the late 1980s, kept the goal an elusive dream for the Philippine government, and for millions of vulnerable Filipinos.
But with the introduction of the MDG's there were major improvements observed in reducing poverty. Table 1 shows that over the span of 12 years, "subsistence poverty declined from 20.4 percent in 1991 to 16% in 2000 and down to 12.15% in 2003" (Philippines Progress Report on the Millennium Development Goals, 2003, p.2). Table 2 also shows much promise in lowering the proportion of the population below the poverty line (i.e. per capita income < $1 a day). From a high of 45% in 1991, it went down to 33% in 2000. According to the "latest official data from the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), the data was at 30.4% by 2003, midway through the timeline for the MDGs and ahead of the 22.65% target" (Virola, 2006).
Despite the positive result in the present ratios, several issues still remain to be taken in hand. For instance, poverty incidence in the Philippines is largely concentrated in the rural areas and in Visayas and Southern Mindanao. ...
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