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Personal Activity Plan

Health care policies had been introduced and implemented by the US government to apparently lessen the cost of health care cost and insurance. However, these policies had not been successful in its goals. There were also attempts on health reforms but were found to be more risky such that new policies will have to be created and implemented. Various issues in the health care system had arisen affecting the health care system, thus increasing the dilemma in managing individual spending on health care.
The Six Dimensions of Health has been one among the various promotions that the government had been trying to endorse profoundly such that this program may aid individuals in attaining a practically healthy condition. Physical, social, spiritual, environmental, emotional and intellectual health, are regarded as the main factors affecting wellness. Being fully aware of each dimension contribute to an individual's overall wellness.
As a health care consumer, one should be aware of the different ways in which one could obtain an optimum health care in return of the high expenditures tied up with it. ...
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Healthcare among Americans has gone beyond going to the clinic for testing and check-ups, and taking prescriptions from the doctors. Some reasons may include the lack of time going to and from the health care facilities while to some it involves financial constraints…
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