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Traditional family

Life has become so expensive and it is not possible for the man's income to be enough to bring the food on the table. For this case, both parents are forced to work in order to provide for their children.
The wife was left alone to do all the house chaos in a traditional family setting which is different today since one can employ a house girl or boy to do the house jobs while the wife go for a white collar job. On the other hand a man was treated like a king and the wife as a servant in the traditional family but today the wife has a bit of freedom since she can choose what she want with her life.
House chaos in a traditional family setting was divided in gender. For example, the woman takes care of the children inside the home and the man works outside the home. Each person knew what he or she was supposed to do for example the boys were supposed to help their father while the girls were supposed help their mothers with cooking and washing dishes.
Traditional family has some values which are usually social standards brought about by natural forces of nature. These values have been tested customs which normally provide emotional and physical support for rearing offspring. The religious value and traditions reinforce these social values.
The traditions reflect a natural order responsible for providing and protecting children as they grow and learn. ...
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Traditional family comprises of husband, wife, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts and any other relative who might not have a blood relationship with the family. A traditional family was respected even today it is still recognized and respected by all persons…
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