Strategic Management: Moss Adams

Case Study
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Moss Adams is considered to be one of most important and largest accounting firms in California, Washington and Oregon and has more than one hundred and fifty partners. It has more than twelve hundred employees and its main office is in Seattle. The organization mostly deals in auditing and covers mainly corporate clients.


The team of strategic experts comprises of CEOs, managers, top management and general management. According to researchers, organizational failure is dependent on the ability of the top management to make decision and implement them (Hitt,Ireland & Hoskisson 2005, 56). Failure is the consequence of inconsistent and fluctuating strategic assumptions which can lead to strategic blunder (Armstrong 2005, 86).
For a strategic leader, it is essential to work hard, to remain honest, work with its employee in team and move towards mutual goal and ambition of the organization (Richard 1996, 205). Additionally, leaders must be effective in their thoughts and actions. The leaders at Moss Adams must have the ability to act and implement decisions, work in teams and cooperate in order to work for the benefit of the firm.
The committee of Moss Adam group in the regions of Sonama and Mendocina Counties are effectively working because they are the main providers of the market. At the same time, they have been acknowledged as the best wine industry accounting and business consulting organization. However, in the regions of Northern California, the competition is huge and there are several CPA firms which provide business accounting and consulting services to the wine industry. ...
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