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My Story

However, these were isolated incidents. Other than these, the times in school were eventful with good happenings such as the annual drama, elocution contest and school elections.
On the whole, I had a good background, except some problematic situation at home. My father and mother did not see eye to eye and spent most of their time quarrelling with each other. This did not augur well for the family and it did have a profound effect on my own views about raising a family.
I hail from a conservative family background. Due to my father's occupation and also because of lack of schools in my neighborhood, I had to frequently change schools in the early years as my family moved from one city to another during my childhood formative years, that is, up to the time I was ten years of age. My father was a storekeeper and worked overseas up to the time I was six years of age. When he returned and found a job locally, we found that there was no school in the vicinity, and had to shift to another city about a hundred kilometers away from my father's place of work.
I found this arrangement quite suitable as I dreaded the sight of my father. There were frequent misunderstandings between him and my mother. I did not know then what the fights were about and did not care much either. ...
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Nostalgia is bitter and sweet. It is sweet because it brings back pleasant memories of childhood and adolescence. It is bitter because I cannot relive my past. However, it is important to keep track of past records because they are associated with my more serious aspects of life and involve my intelligence and achievements.
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