Mediation and International Conflicts - Thesis Example

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Mediation and International Conflicts

Intractable international disputes have always been there with us and have been posing threats to international peace and security. More than this, they lead to continuous wars, violence and numerous deaths from time to time. International stability is always at stake owing to these conflicts that do not have a solution to them and where none of the disputants are willing to compromise to reach a settlement. It's very difficult to find a solution to such intractable disputes since they go on for a long period with negotiations almost impossible.
However, in such cases, mediation is a tool which can bring down the effect of the escalating disputes and its consequences including violence, war and deaths to a lower count. "It offers the prospect of escaping the dilemmas of intractability". (Bercovitch 2004)
Mediation is a process in which a third party neutral helps in resolving a dispute between two or more other parties. The role of the mediator is to facilitate and assist the parties in working out what the real issues of dispute are, allowing communication between them and other things that meet the interest of the parties by finding a solution to their dispute. (Honeyman, Yawanarajah, 2003)
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The main purpose of doing this paper is to bring to the fore the consequences that follow intractable international conflicts and results in putting the international law and order at stake. It therefore, emphasizes the rising importance of mediation in international disputes by giving examples of past mediations in multinational conflicts and presenting how they have helped in preventing and resolving certain situations which otherwise seemed impossible…
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