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Management Coaching - Thesis Example

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Management Coaching may be defined as a collaborative processes that facilities goal setting, strategic actions and self discovery in order to help a business achieve exceptional results. Business coaching allows individuals to improve their performance, their quality of life and even deepen the learning process.1

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Management Coaching

However, after realizing the benefits of this concept, more and more companies began incorporating it into their business practices. 2
Business coaching allows executives and regular staff alike to become self aware. They realize what their strengths and weaknesses really are and begin to look at issues from another perspective. On top of that, they begin to understand some of the mistakes that might have sprung from their beliefs and rationales. 3
Business coaching allows individuals to develop time management skills, organizational skills, strategic development skills and leadership skills. All these are vital in ensuring the smooth flow of organizational activities and practices.
Business coaching is essential in clarifying one's role as a manager or executive. It transforms individuals from just being producers of goods and services to being in charge of one's business. This is possible by teaching candidates how to communicate to ones' subordinates about a strategic plan, how to focus on long term objectives and the process of delegating authority. 4
Organisations within the Asian context should definitely consider business coaching because it has the propensity to improve results and productivity. This is because it provides a connection between the technical and relational aspects of business. ...
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