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Technology in Policing

First, crime on the net is on the rise, identity theft is another issue of high importance, which is the key tool in fighting terrorism and financial crimes. Thus crime prevention can occur at two levels: one to prevent crimes that are repeating in nature and the other is by analyzing possible future seat of crime. Thus, through analysis and research of recorded crimes and criminal investigations it is possible to get some statistics into the kind of future prospect of how this kind of crime will be dealt in the future by the judicial system or by the police. In case of Internet crimes; therefore, repeated crimes may not always occur as there are always some ingenious method by which the criminal escapes the law - this gap is to be identified as art of the risk management study, which should be more extensive and which should focus more on how the malpractice defenses may be made stronger.
In March 2008, a former employee of Compass Bank stole a hard drive and the database containing customer information and all their financial status was breached. This employee used a credit card encoder and several blank cards to create several new cards and withdraw money from several customer accounts1. ...
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The word crime and security have reached a high level of sophistication in the present. It is even more so in this age of information technology, where the virtual world, the cyber world and the increase in global transnational crimes are questioning the very basic rights of human beings and civilians…
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