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Various topics you can choose from

In Fun Home, images and texts are simple tools in the hands of a genius. Alison has crafted purity out of the ore about the same way an oyster conceives pearl involving internal and external forces and elements.
Actually, Fun Home is the presentation of an individual and her family through the multi-media mix of texts and images. The choice and mode of the presentation are by themselves well thought out strategy and scheme conceived out of a mind possessing an array of personal and professional resources delectably executed with the characters and the end users in mind. The result is clarity of purpose, vision, mission and consummation.
Alison has all the raw material in place borne out of her own familial experiences including tragic ones. She has this rare desire to portray the dilemma of man's raison d'tre through the eyes of her own family members. She nurtures the desire in silent secrecy for one full year, using the time to weave images and texts in her mind while recollecting and choosing incidents in the family from the past and present. It is not the form of images and text she is concerned with in the formation stage. As a seasoned comic artist with twenty years experience behind her, it is not so difficult to organize style and sequence. ...
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One of the most fundamental and intriguing aspect of art is its capability to project reality from the most insignificant paraphernalia or event. And it is not only because of the reality that is projected, but it has lot to do with the way the truth is projected…
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