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Case Study Assignment

The automobile manufacturing industry is globalised by its very nature. Several industry analysts and marketing scholars have affirmed the aforementioned, arguing that with very few exceptions, car manufacturers look towards the global market, identify segments therein and seek to create a niche for themselves within that expansive, borderless market (Dickson-Simpson, 2007; Schweinsberg et al., 2007; Van Acker and Uludag, 2007). It is a globalised industry due to the universal nature of its product, the fact that not all countries have a domestic automobile manufacturing industry, and that variant and divergent consumer cost, design and quality requirements cannot be satisfied by a limited number of manufactures (Dickson-Simpson, 2007; Schweinsberg et al., 2007; Van Acker and Uludag, 2007). In other words, the very nature of the industry, product, market trends and consumer demands have determined this as a global and globalised industry. Consequently, being a global industry, the survival of firms within is dependant upon the accurate identification of the industry's threats and opportunities and the extent to which a company's operations are, themselves, globalised.
The imperatives of Daimler Chrysler's evolving into a truly global automobile manufacturer may be established through a detailed industry analysis using P ...
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Daimler Chrysler is loosing grounds as a leading car manufacturer, as evidenced in decreasing sales, loss of market shares and costly quality control issues. The marriage between the two companies has not, as was the intent, rescued' the ailing U.S., Detroit-based, automobile manufacturer but has, instead, adversely impacted Daimler's own market reputation and position…
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