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Essay example - Homosexuality, prejudice, and discrimination

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According to Mohr (1994), there are two chief types of antigay stereotypes. One revolves around an individual’s confused gender identity, such as females who are lesbians who want to look like and act like men and gay men are the opposite. …

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I agree with Mohr that antigay stereotypes are a means of reinforcing gender roles in society. Since time immemorial, homosexuals are a minority in society. The traditional gender roles came about because the majority of members of society and who are either male or female. Since homosexuality is not the norm, no role has been defined for it except that it breaks the norm. The antigay stereotypes are thus means to reinforce the traditional gender roles in order to “normalize” the situation and not change the norm.
It is precisely these types of thinking that explains the violence against and harassment of homosexuals. People through time for concepts of right and wrong, which become the accepted norms. Although in existence since the history of civilization, homosexuality has always been not freely manifested, even by the homosexual themselves which also reinforces the notion that being homosexual is abnormal, until the present time that more and more homosexuals have gathered the courage to publicize their sexual orientation. Because for a long time, the view of homosexuality is that it is an abnormality and publicized incidents highlight negative aspects, violence against and harassment of homosexuals has resulted.
2. That something is descriptively moral (or immoral) does not make it normatively moral (or immoral). What is the relevance of this point to homosexuality?
According to Mohr, the prevailing definition of morality is what is normative or prescribed by society according to its values which consist of mores, norms and customs. This ways of defining morality is what has brought about the contention that homosexuality is immoral because it violates mores, norms and customs. ...
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