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Balance of Power

To maintain the framework of power of balance from time to time force can be used in the areas support of the law. That may mean that it is used in maintain of the civil power or it may mean that it is used to set up an environment in which the rule of law becomes promising .The use of force is not good except it is in support of some concept of order. To give justification for hostility we be grateful to pray to the strength of the international system," the sacred soil of the homeland, the significant fortune of the country, the rule of international law, the magnetism of making the world safe for democracy, civilization, socialism or something similar" (A. Wendt, Summer 1995, pp. 77-81). International law is the exacting shape of order we have adopted to enable us to run a global economy; however Force is what recognized that order. Force perhaps lawful or illegal; it possibly intelligent or stupid; it may be in the benefit of the international community or not; however questions in relation to whether it is legal or not seem - at this phase of world olden times at least - simply dull. During domestic interaction individual does not inquire if an establishment is officially permitted or not. Balance of power can be defined as a structure to keep up a position quo wherever no alter in the presented supremacy system is made-up to occur. ...
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You can say yes for some extinct that the balance of power play important role in making the international order. But after the incident of 9/11 things has changed the concept and implication of power of balance. Now the time of essence demands that international order is created by force, and backed by the threat of force…
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