Becoming an Intellectual Craftsman

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An education and a higher degree is a process of learning how to think, not what to think, and pursuing this course is a lifelong journey of practicing a craft. New ideas come into the field of social science and the novice academician may well wonder where the ideas came from and how they got from being a mere thought to a well respected theory.


The intellectual craftsman trusts their imagination, memory, and experience to craft an idea that will resonate through a targeted audience.
A fundamental principle of the intellectual craftsman is that they are always functioning as craftsmen. Every waking experience contributes to their well of knowledge and catalogue of ideas. They do not simply work as scholars; they are thinkers that do not separate their craft from their life. They continually strive to gain new experience that they can add to their breadth of knowledge, while not yet being aware of how today's most trivial experience may contribute to tomorrow's groundbreaking truth. The intellectual craftsman trusts this knowledge, as it is the most important component of any truly original intellectual thought. Storing this knowledge for later use is all just a part of the craft. Becoming an intellectual craftsman begins with the amassing and storing of these thoughts, ideas, and experiences. They are stored as materials in the tools of the intellectual trade such as notes, journals, diagrams, and the most trusted corners of the academic mind.
Once the intellectual craftsman has gathered their materials and tools it is time to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble them into a concrete set of ideas that have form and substance. ...
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