QUESTION What issues of the convention of ministerial responsibility do the facts of the above scenario raise

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In the countries that have elected governments, the elected executive body is not only powerful to take decisions on behalf of a common man, but they are also responsible for the offices they hold. Every ministry has its own responsibilities. Off course the Ministers have lots of staff working under them, but still it is a ministerial responsibility to make sure that everything goes well.


The office bearers are answerable to the parliament in general and the constitution of UK is strong enough to keep a check on everyone who has power and who is holding the offices in various ministries. To ensure the departments and governing bodies work properly, the government has a set of rules, and the responsibilities of these ministries are known to the general public. Thus if anyone goes against the norm, it is noticed and pointed out by the general public.
The scenario created in the case is a very interesting one. First, the family minister who is supposed to protect the family unit and its respect is having an extra marital affair. Then the minister of social welfare is not willing to accept her fault and as a result lots of people are kept waiting for their social welfare funds. Thirdly, the prime minister simply finds it easy to ignore the no confidence vote!!! If for a moment one believes that this could happen in the UK government and House of Commons, it means that there practically would be no constitution to stop the powerful from destroying those who are powerless against them. Well, thanks heavens, this is not the case in general. The case is a piece of fiction which is too far fetched. ...
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