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Motivations and Responses

The Cold War, of course, consisted of an ever-increasing series of Spy v. Spy type games meant to the draw the opposing side into situations meant to undermine their ability to fully fund their individual ideologies. The US had been drawn into the quagmire of the Vietnam partly due to Russian backing of the opposing forces; Afghanistan was looked upon by the Carter administration as an opportunity for payback (Girardet and Walter 2004). The Soviet decision to invade Afghanistan could never have been seen by anybody at the time as the watershed moment in world history that it became, but in retrospect it clearly was a turning point in history that would eventually create a full-scale sea change in the geopolitical landscape.
Once Ronald Reagan was elected President, that sea change was virtually assured and, even more so, the stage was set for the rise of the Islamic terrorist as he is known today. ...
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In the wake of the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington, DC. Pres. Bush declared a war on terror. The war on terror follows quickly upon the Cold War and though many obvious differences exist, many similarities can also be found. Despite these similarities, however, most people would be hard pressed to find a connection between the actions of the United States during the Cold War and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism that has given rise to the much hotter war on terror…
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