IT Infrastructure and IT Sourcing

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In the present age of globalization IT plays a very significant role in the expansion and diversification of any company. Anime International Inc. being a company of 21st century, with exodus of technological tools like world wide web and internet playing a critical role in the integration of business as well diversification of business, needs to consider the strategic significance of IT infrastructure and IT sourcing .


has been operating since 2001. The main service provided by Anime International is an online retailer of Japanese Animation related products to customers worldwide from orders placed online at Products distributed include: Dvds and Music; Manga and Books; Toys and Figures; Art Work; Cards and Games; and other merchandise such as accessories, calendars and even kitchenware. The company sells over 10,000 diverse products in the anime genre. Anime International caters to the multimedia consumer, offering specialised downloads such as wallpapers and avatars (used in Internet forums, emails and online gaming). This diversity in product, design and orientation allows Anime International to offer consumers a wide variety of the most popular anime titles through E-commerce purchases.
Operating largely as a business-to-consumer (B2C) online retailer, Anime International forms a part of the supply chain in the growing Japanese animation merchandising industry, typically second or third tier.
IT Infrastructure and IT sourcing is a strategic issue for the growth and expansion of the Anime International in this competitive global market scenario. ...
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